Team Leader

As a Team Leader you will lead the staff group and act as a role model at all times, ensuring high standards of practice are maintained. To have particular responsibility for the induction, professional support and development of the staff group.
Responsibility for directing key workers in the co-ordination of assessments, recording, implementation and review of clients.
As a Team Leader you will manage, actively take part and support the ‘on call’ system in acting as a sound advisor to staff queries or concerns. This may require you to go into the client’s home to offer support or advice. Where all avenues have been exhausted it falls on the on call person to cover shifts.

  • Management of the service
  • ? To ensure that the staff have safe working practices that comply with the Mentaur Ltd health & safety policies and procedures at all times.
    ? To be ‘on call’ for the service in accordance with the on call rota.
    ? To ensure that the day-to-day tasks are carried out thereby ensuring the smooth running of the service.
    ? To ensure that codes of personal and professional conduct are maintained.
    ? To contribute to and support the NVQ & TOPPS programme.
    ? To assist in the selection of suitable staff within the team, bearing in mind the skill mix required in each setting.
    ? To ensure effective deployment of staffing resources by planning and participating in the care rota to ensure 24-hour needs-led care for clients.
    ? Any other duties commensurate to the post.

  • Management of care
  • ? To actively demonstrate a high standard of care practice to the team and to monitor performance to ensure that these standards are attained & maintained by all team members.
    ? To ensure the health, welfare and rights of clients are maintained at an appropriate level.
    ? To ensure that up-to-date records are maintained and to provide written reports as required by MCS Ltd.
    ? To ensure that all health aspects are responded to through involvement with all relevant agencies.
    ? To co-ordinate the assessment of individual clients as required, establishing specific support plans and action plans; to ensure that skills development programmes are in place for clients; and to ensure that staff follow agreed protocols.
    ? To ensure that support plans are reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with staff and friends/relatives as appropriate to clients needs and wishes.
    ? To co-ordinate as appropriate review meetings and liaise with families and other statutory/voluntary agencies.
    ? To ensure that all procedures regarding the observation, recording and management of incidents are carried out in accordance with MCS Ltd policy and procedures.
    ? To contribute to the process of risk management for client’s activities, balancing safety with choice and self-determination, and facilitating community presence in line with MCS Ltd policies and procedures.
    ? To assist in advising clients on the safe keeping of their money and valuables within the MCS Ltd guidelines and to keep required records.
    ? To take part in the on call system in the service and be able to work on a day or night duty if required.
    ? To support zero tolerance of any form of abuse of services users & staff in the service.

  • Support and Development of staff
  • ? To provide induction, supervision and mentoring of staff and to keep required records.
    ? To take responsibility for identifying training and development needs of staff.
    ? To contribute to and co-ordinate regular meetings within the service as required.

  • Professional
  • ? To participate actively in regular supervision sessions by reflecting on personal practice and reviewing performance.
    ? To take responsibility for identifying personal training and development needs.
    ? To take responsibility for keeping up-to-date with good practice in social care as it develops.
    The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation and the overall business objectives of the organisation.
Experience required for the job: